Zip Code Maps:
> Zip Code Maps - Website allows you to view maps based on zip code boundaries.  
School Resources:
> Great Schools - Guide to K-12 Schools - Guide and provides rankings for schools.  
Family Entertainment Resources:

> Sacramento Zoo

Home Improvement Resources:
> Home Depot - Do-It-Yourself Workshops

> PG&E Rebates

> Sacramento Home & Garden Show
> SMUD Free Shade Trees
> What you should know before you hire a contractor (Contractors State License Board).
Mortgage Default Resources:

> Short Sale - An Alternative to Foreclosure

> How to help save your home and how to recognize and avoid foreclosure scams

> Avoiding Foreclosure

> Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure

> Home Foreclosure and Debt Cancellation

> Consumer alert from the California Department of Real Estate

> Beware of Scam Artists

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Home Staging:
Why Feng Shui? by Jodi King, Artistic Interiors by Jodi*

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